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Font Family: LOVITZ TTF
File Name: LOVITZ__.TTF
Type: TTF
Other Info: Lovitz Lovitz Version 1.50 Lovitz Meir Sadan Meir Sadan Meir Sadan This font is a true handwriting font in all of its handwritten glory. All in all, it's as amateurish as it can get by means of production and level of painstakeness, but at least it has a solid and constructed look (well, kinda) so I'll give this font a B-minus because I'm feeling merciful today. I call it lovitz cuz I used my own handwritten "L" in it. It's sort of wider than all the other letters and it's pretty cool for spelling out "Love" but it's kinda trashy, too, so that's why it's not "Lov-e", but "Lov-itz" (I made that up right now)! http://www.sadan.com http://www.sadan.com The fonts that are being given to you by means of download from the World Wide Web Site http://www.sadan.com, are "Freeware" fonts. You may download and use them as many times as you like, for private, educational, governmental or commercial use, within the proper limits of the standard "Freeware" license. You may not use these fonts as embedment fonts on web documents. Please do not redistribute these fonts in any way, or make any changes to the font files, unless you have received authorization from the creator of these fonts, Meir Sadan (E-Mail: meir@sadan.com). Meir Sadan takes no responsiblity whatsoever to any damage being caused to the user's computer system as a result of using the font, these fonts are given away for free and it is the user's responsibility to properly use them. Fonts are copyrighted LOVITZ TTF Font Download Free

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