Bokeh brushes

Versión en español: Mi primer pincel, espero que les guste, recuerde darme crédito por el trabajo y mostrar el trabajo en el que lo usaste. Muchas gracias por descargar.*Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) English: My first brush, hope you like it , remember to give me credit for the work and show the work that you used . Thank you very much for downloading. Bokeh free brushes Nice photoshop Brushes, you may use this brushes , free glass brushes is the best photoshop brushes ever i've ever seen (Some of them also work nicely for things like foliage) Was just playing around with an idea in Photoshop and these nifty brushes came in handy! So, I decided to offer these to you --- for FREE (for now?) ;) :) I hope you like them! Others have probably already come up with something similar, but this is my take. I wanted to emulate the same effect you can get with one of the FX brushes in Painter, cuz it be cool. I'd love to see what people come up with, but please be aware I won' t always be able to reply and comment. COMING SOON ( if people are interested ;) ) - ALL NEW REVAMPED Scales Brushes (v2.0) - My custom painting set - Toying with the idea of something to make my fire painting technique a little quicker... - and more! (as soon as I think of it) WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW :happybounce: I made this wish Photoshop CS6, so seriously I don't know if all of them will work in every version of Photoshop. As far as I can tell, most of the things should work in at least the CS series.   So amazing Shattered Glass Brushes for photoshop free adobe photoshop Bokeh Brushes bokeh free adobe photoshop brushes bokeh free brushes Bokeh Ps Brushes Some more bokeh brushes,, just cause. Each little 'cluster' of circles is a brush. there are 6 in total. Bokeh Brushes II   Bokeh Brushes BOKEH BRUSH Brushes Bokeh I made those for a project I was working on, I thought they might be useful for others too... There's 6 dynamic brushes in the set, approximately 900 pixels wide. download photoshop bokeh lights brushes Hi everyone ^^. This is my first pack of brushes, I hope you like it and use in your works :D. Just let me know if they are good :meow:. They are made with Photoshop CS3 and if you want to try to do a different ones you can go to here [link] ^^.   Bokeh Brushes free