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Font Family: SAMSRG TTF
File Name: SAMSRG__.TTF
Type: TTF
Other Info: Samson Samson Version 2.00 Samson All Rights Reserved! Meir Sadan Meir Sadan Meir Sadan This is actually the English version of a Hebrew font that's gonna be released in my upcoming hebrew site, I really like it, it's all buff 'n' stuff. Samson's that big, strong guy from the bible. There's a story there about how he beat an entire army with a donkey's cheek. In my opinion, they've gone a little kooky at that point, but who am I to say something. 1. Do not distribute this file. 2. Do not make changes to this file. 3. You may use it freely otherwise. SAMSRG TTF Font Download Free

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