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Font Family: REDRING 1969
File Name: REDRING_1969.ttf
Type: ttf
Other Info: REDRING 1969 REDRING 1969 Version 1.000 2008 initial release REDRING1969 REDRING 1969 is a trademark of E. V. Norat II. E. V. Norat II E. V. Norat II E. V. Norat II FONT NAME: ROTRING 1969 Copyright (c) 2008 by E. V. Norat II. All rights reserved. This font is similar, but not exact, to characters made with a Rotring type of Drafting/Architectural lettering guide(s). This guide is used with specific drafting pen sizes to produce text, generally on blueprints. Styles include regular, bold, italic and bold italic. Circa 1969. REDRING_1969.ttf REDRING 1969 Font Download Free

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