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Font Family: loopy
File Name: loopy.ttf
Type: ttf
Other Info: Loopy BRK Loopy BRK Version 3.27 LoopyBRK To use this Font you have to use a LOOP Character { which are -+() SPACE and _ } then you use a regular Alphanumeric Character { Aa to Zz, 0 to 9, and ?&!@ } then repeat the process, to type out a string of text. Here's an example: (-I+NI>N is the same as the single Loop but it also has a small loop on the bottom of it. SPACE the Space(bar) is used to make a Blank Loop. { For example (-A- -Z) would make A in a loop, a Blank loop, then Z in a loop }. _ (underscore) is only used for when you just want to use the Alphanumeric Characters and NO Loops. { For Example _T_e_s_t }. If you just use Alphanumeric Characters, the Characters will just overlap each other. loopy.ttf loopy Font Download Free

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