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Font Family: DisplayOTF
File Name: DisplayOTF.otf
Type: otf
Other Info: DisplayOTF DisplayOTF Version 1.4 DisplayOTF DisplayOTF is a trademark of Denis A Serikov. Denis A Serikov Denis A Serikov Denis A Serikov Copyright (c) Denis A Serikov, 2003-2006. All rights reserved. denis_box@mtu-net.ru www.vectorland.ru Mailto:denis_box@mtu-net.ru This font is free (freeware). Any selling the font or transmission to achieve the incom prohibited. The Author leaves for itself ownership on given product and possibility of the contributing of any change without preliminary notice. Please, do not decompile and do not contribute the changes to font, without consent of the author. Contact E-mail: denis_box@mtu-net.ru http://vectorland.ru/myfiles/license.txtDisplayOTF.otf Display OTF Font Download Free

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