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Font Family: DELITO TTF
File Name: DELITO__.TTF
Type: TTF
Other Info: Delilah Delilah ThinOblique Version 2.00 DelilahThinOblique All Rights Reserved! Meir Sadan Meir Sadan Meir Sadan This is a version of Samson. It has exactly all the weights Samson has, with a slight variation - it's kind-of "Aerodynamic", if I might brag about it. It has that aggressive "Darth Vader" look that I wonder if anyone would be interested in. Delilah was the girl who discovered Samson's secret source of power - his hair - seduced him, and cut his hair off while he slept. I guess Scissors are to Samson like Kriptonite is to Superman! 1. Do not distribute this file. 2. Do not make changes to this file. 3. You may use it freely otherwise. DELITO TTF Font Download Free

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