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Font Family: campcraftbasic
File Name: campcraftbasic.ttf
Type: ttf
Other Info: Campcraft Campcraft Basic Version 1.003 Campcraft-Basic Campcraft Basic is a trademark of Russell McGorman, . Russell McGorman, Russell McGorman Russell McGorman Copyright (c) 2010 by Russell McGorman. All rights reserved. Campcraft Basic is freely distributed for personal use only. and some limited commercial applications. To use the font for any other purpose, contact Russell McGorman at the address below or upgrade to the commercial version if available. The font may not be sold or otherwise re-distributed without written authorization by the Russell McGorman, author of the the font or his authorized delegates. The font may not be used in commercially printed materials, manufactured goods or or otherwise reproduced for commercial purposes. The software files comprising the font, including the OpenType files, kerning tables and etcetera may not in anyway be altered. The font may not be used on materials of a political or religious nature without permission of the author. Copyright (c) Russell McGorman 2010. Published by Our House Graphic Design, 2010. All rights reserved world wide. Campcraft Basic, is freely distributed for personal use. For any other purpose, contact Russell McGorman, or upgrade a commercial license and version. campcraftbasic.ttf campcraftbasic Font Download Free

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