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Just an update to my tool presets I posted here: [link] I added mostly some extra cool custom pencil brushes and a few tweaked brushes from various artist sets I find on the internetz. These brushes will only work with CS6 (and CS5, I think). Wayne’s Photoshop CS6 Preset Tools 15 PS brushes set PS brushes set 2 12 brushes set. Mostly based on standard PS brushes. PS brushes set 1 *20 Photoshop preset for smudge *300 DPI *I made them with PS 7 but compatible with Element **Gimp user read the important note below. Original Size in PCX From left to right and from up to down. 01- 435 PCX 11- 742 PCX 02- 416 PCX 12- 419 PCX 03- 744 PCX 13- 783 PCX 04- 944 PCX 14- 302 PCX 05- 808 PCX 15- 92 PCX 06- 629 PCX 16- 184 PCX 07- 482 PCX 17- 198 PCX 08- 394 PCX 18- 431 PCX 09- 465 PCX 19- 1000 PCX 10- 829 PCX 20- 984 PCX This template show 92% Strength and 100 PCX Test. Smudge PS Set 1 For Digital Media Strategies today we had to make texture brushes so, I figured I would share them with you. Texture Brushes Brushes from my ap . Read More: Filmstrips brushes So here we go, this is my main brush set for anyone who’s interested. I pretty much only use these brushes for all of my work now. They are saved as Tool Presets so the opacity and flow is saved with each brush and you should be able to use them along side your main brush library. To use them you’ll need to save them to: Photoshop/Presets/Tools. Then once you’re in Photoshop open up the tools preset menu and load them from there. I still use CS3 so I’m not sure how well they will work in later versions but hopefully they will load ok. I was intending to write up a description on certain brushes but nearly all of them are pretty straight forward. If you do need something explaining leave a comment here and I’ll do my best to help out. x-ste-x My Brush Pack (more…) Hair brush set (more…) Pro Smudge Set 2 (more…) Custom Background Brushes (more…) PS Brushes – Graphite (more…) PS Brushes Pencil