Zelink’s Cataclysm Brushset

Title : Zelink’s Cataclysm Brushset
Designed By : zelink
Views: 1550
Download: 9623
Other Info: PS7 and up, can be used for grunge, stars abstract and smoke/forg effects. This set was based upon the stars of the heavens. This set, cataclysm, was design to bring violent destruction upon the use of other sets. It has many uses and works very well for sigs. All brushes are large(300-1000 in size) and the set consists of over a dozen brushes, which each of can be used to render a good background on it's own, seperately. Combined they truly are a cataclysm single clicking and moving the brush tends to create soft grunge, double clicking generates harder grunge. multiple clicking generaes effects that edge towards begin abstract. +favs and watches are great so that others can see and use this set.

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