Yin Yang Photoshop & Vector Shape (CSH, SVG)

Title : Yin Yang Photoshop & Vector Shape (CSH, SVG)
Designed By : shapes4free
Download: 8188
Other Info: Today’s freebie for designers is a simple Yin Yang photoshop shape in CSH & SVG vector file formats. Yin Yang sign (or tai chi symbol) consists of yin (dark, feminine, passive, cold,) and yang (light, masculine, active, warm) parts and represents many ideas of Taoist philosophy. ,You can use Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 to open and use this Yin Yang symbol. You can open the SVG yin yang shape in Adobe Illustrator. Use this shape to create graphics, illustrations, pictures, web backgrounds etc.,Download and enjoy!,.,Downloads: 7559,File Size: 95.03 kB,

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