Shopping and E-Commerce Photoshop Shapes

Title : Shopping and E-Commerce Photoshop Shapes
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Other Info: Free shopping & e-commerce photoshop shapes (CSH vector brushes) – shopping cart photoshop shapes, add to shopping cart, shopping basket photoshop custom shapes, shopping bag PS shapes, photoshop tag shapes, gift shape, and “open” signs.

High-Quality Shapes for E-Commerce Designs

Today’s free download is a set of 60 professional shopping & e-commerce photoshop custom shapes in CSH file format. These stylish vector silhouettes are ideal for e-commerce web designs and can be used to create custom shopping cart & basket buttons, icons, graphics and illustrations.

This free vector pack contains the following e-commerce silhouettes:

  • 25 shopping cart photoshop shapes symbols (shopping trolley custom shapes), including “add to cart” and “remove from cart” (“delete from cart”) vector silhouettes;
  • 10 shopping basket photoshop custom shapes, including “add to basket” and “remove from basket” (delete from basket”) vector silhouettes;
  • 9 shopping bags custom shapes, including simple bags silhouettes and bags decorated with circles and stars;
  • 13 photoshop tag shapes signs, including basic tag shapes and tags with words “free”, “sale”, “sold”;
  • 1 gift photoshop custom shape symbol;
  • 2 “Open” vector signs to indicate that store or shop is open;

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