Famous City Skyline Brushes

Title : Famous City Skyline Brushes
Designed By : rawox
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Other Info: [caption id="attachment_1087" align="aligncenter" width="129" caption="Famous City Skyline Brushes"][/caption] Famous City Skyline Brushes Information: Size of Brushes: 1000 Pxls Width Brushes Made By: Rawox Number of Brushes: 15 Rules: - You may use these brushes for Personal use. - You may not use these brushes for Commercial Use - If you use them, refer to this Brush Pack. - If you use them, please Reply on this Deviation with a link. Updates: - Added names to the brushes, hold your cursor on it in the preset manager and it will tell you from wchich City the skyline is(03-02-09)

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