9 Photoshop Alarm Clock Shapes

Title : 9 Photoshop Alarm Clock Shapes
Designed By : shapes4free
Download: 5606
Other Info: Not sure how to load and use these shapes? Read this easy and quick tutorial about several ways of installing shapes in Photoshop.,Wondering how to create these clock shapes? There are several ways of making shapes in Photoshop, one of which I used for these alarm clocks. It is very simple – just combining the Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool and Line Tool.,Actually, I used something else to make clocks look like clocks – yes, it is numbers. How do you put numbers into a photoshop shape if numbers are in fact text?,All you need is to type text the usual way you do it and then convert it into a shape. Would you like to spend entertaining 5 minutes to find out how I did it? If you are still reading this, I assume you do – go expore it to improve your skills in Photoshop ,.,Downloads: 8969,File Size: 70.48 kB,

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