18 RSS Feed Photoshop Shapes

Title : 18 RSS Feed Photoshop Shapes
Designed By : shapes4free
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Other Info: Download free RSS feed photoshop shapes (18 rss vector shapes in set, CSH file). RSS photoshop custom shapes are great for creating RSS icons – be sure to grab this simple and useful freebie! Today’s CSH freebie for web designers is a set of 18 simple rss feed photoshop shapes. There are several variations of rss shapes – simple ones with smooth rounded corners, a couple of “cut” PS shapes, and the rest of vector RSS symbols are added to or subtracted from other shapes (heart, coffee cup, etc.). You can load these RSS feed symbols into Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 to create useful graphics, pictures, illustrations, backgrounds for your websites. Download this freebie and spread the word if you like my work. You may also want to

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