25 Wavy and Spiral Sunburst Shapes for Photoshop

Title : 25 Wavy and Spiral Sunburst Shapes for Photoshop
Designed By : shapes4free
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Other Info: Did you notice some website designs use sunburst shapes which are not straight, but a little bit wavy or spiral? If not, you can view such examples in one of my previous blog posts about inspirational sunbursts in web design. Examples from that post inspired me to create some wavy sunburst shapes you can use for your designs.,This freebie set for designers contains 25 wavy & swirly sunburst vector brushes made in Adobe Photoshop (CSH file). Supported Adobe Photoshop software versions – CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6. Download the freebies to create stunning graphics, backgrounds, illustrations and other designs. ,.,Downloads: 19589,File Size: 200.29 kB,

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