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Brush set for photoshop Brush set for photoshop New brushes.. about 6-8 in the pack.. Abstract brushes photoshop free smoke Brush smoke photoshop brushes First in what I feel will be a long, long series of brushes. Very high-quality and large-resolution brushes. If you use my brushes I request only that you link back to me in some way. Also, if you dont mind: If you decided to use these brushes in a deviation, please favorite them so I can see if people are using em. ^^ Comments/Criticisms always welcome. Have a Brush Request? Send me a note. Smoke Brushes photoshop Free brush set, click on download for the abr file. These brushes look like a watercolor painting. And you can use them with or without a drawing tablet. Brushes – Watercolor Abstract Brushes PS Flame Brushes fire fire brushes yep, seems you all like firey brushes so here we go again, hope you like... Blaze brushes 10 brushes, made with CS2 FireBrushes Party Brushes