For the next seven days we'll be publishing what we find to be the best of 2011 from our inspiration galleries. There will be one post per day in a specific design category, and we start of with one of the more popular ones: Typography! Best of Typography Typography Artworks by by Marcelo Schultz Purple is a color range that may be derived by combining the white color to pink in varying proportions. It is a well known color due to its appearance that symbolizes elegance, power, royalty, etc. Back in history, purple was highly priced that only the royal blood and the elite can afford it. Logo in the other hand is a graphic symbol or emblem that promotes recognition to a company, organization, group, etc. Adding a purple theme to a logo can signify nobility and sophistication to whatever it represents. For our next inspiration, we introduce to you 30+ Powerful and Fashionable Purple Design Logo. It includes some of the most creative logos that has purple feel added to its design. Check them out and maybe get some ideas and inspiration for your next work design. Come, take a peek, and have fun. That Creative The idea was to incorporate a sign for infinity (for infinite creativity) and an owl (for wisdom) and tie these features to the company’s name using the footnote concept. Source Poliarte Logo created for Poliarte, an old graphical company located in Brazil. Source Purple Cairn Hills reflected in a scottish loch, A pair of lips, The highlands and lowlands of Scotland which the blended was created from, and finally two ice cubes. Source Carezma Carezma Studio Source Phoenix Logo for a medical laboratory supplies company Source Made for a possible eCommerce site that sells retro phones. Source Space Chimp Media Digitial Marketing and Design Agency Source Social Link This is a logo concept made for a conference called Social Link. Source Aluze Legacy Blinds Hummingbird and legacy blinds, a great combination wich could only be translated into this. Source Acura New logo for medical / aesthetics company. Source Scott Kelty Graphic Design logo After several attempts & thoughts toward a logo, here is the one I finally chose to use. Source Makeedha Logo for jewelry company. Source VM The color palettes were used to show raw edge ,power and contemporary. Source Bar simple word mark of the word “bar” Source Purple Salmon Media Logo for a web design and development form. Source Majestic DIY Rebrand of an existing online store specialising in wedding and event decor. Logo complete, now to bring the website up to scratch. Source Love 2 Brew – B Second of the concepts, this one focuses on the wine brewing kits. The bunch of grapes forms the heart shape. Source Purple Cow Photo Cow Source Youth Arabia Youth Arabia is Middle East’s First online Youth portal Source Yaourt Frozen Yogurt Frozen yogurt brand from Columbus, Ohio. Source DESIGNBROS You should see a diamond and pencil in logo. Source Purple rats The logo represents courage, precise, modern, aggressive, etc Source HOPE Logo design for a charitable group. Source NightOwl Working on a mark for a studio. Source Cirqis Ready made logo design Source Adflatus Logo design for interior design studio / company.Final version, in use. Source La Vie Tara Redesing of the company logo. I decided to use a abstract version of a lotus flower because of the spiritualism of the conpany. Source Purple Space Monkey A logo design by Floris Voorveld Source Sweety Logo A fresh and modern logo provided with a wide and a tall orientation, in colors and in B/W, on dark purple and on white backgrounds. Source PURPLE Company The comma is the most symbol used in communication, I make it in a cool look.. the purple color present the modern, cool, dynamic & creative… Source Better Robot Records (horiz) For the Baltimore based Better Robot Records comedy record label. Source B2G B2G – Premium Fashion Rentals Source Colors are powerful elements and each color has their respective impression that can be helpful in giving your design the feel it needs to represent its purpose. Have new ideas already? How about comments and suggestions? We would love to hear them all. Hit us up on the comment section below. Thank you and see you again. Related Posts 30+ Elegant and Fashionable Purple Design Logo This post is part of the For Your Inspiration Monday Series showcasing the most inspiring designs out there. Each week a new artist or design style will be presented in order to get your creative juices flowing for the upcoming week. I hope you enjoy the series. Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz is a 31-years-old freelance illustrator based in Poznan / Poland. In 2003, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan with a Masters degree in Graphic Arts and Drawing. After the studies he worked first as an illustrator and later as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies. It’s beautiful to see some great pencil drawn illustrations in a mostly digital field. I’m particularly impressed with Gabz shading technique. Below is just a small selection of his work so please visit Gabz’ portfolio for more inspiration.       Hand Drawn Illustrations by Grzegorz Domaradzki