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name : Darek Zabrocki Male/Poland Report BY : wassimo Photo Darek Zabrocki had made a lot of art works that won the admiration of many people who are interested in both works of art and to some extent in digital art, in particular, has the uniqueness of style in a wonderful blending bright color and style to hit your brushes , #1 Men of the West... #2 Morning #3 March of War promo 2 #4 Behind the door #5 Attack on Tavern #6 Druid Rider #7 Negotiation #8 Ryder on the Storm #10 Healing Wounds #11 Expedition #12 FVZA #13 Darth Vader #13 Coruscant Star Wars #13 Fu*K the King #13 Witcher Fanart #13 Lizard Rider the link : Darek Zabrocki Professional Digital Artist Cat Logo Design Inspiration Published on April 11, 2013 by admin   ·   No Comments Numerous companies are using cat their brand pictures specially for travel agency. Right here is a variety of 30 cat logo design concepts that will practically make you want to stay at a relevant business. Hope this will motivate you. Scate Cat Could be used Salon Training cats to ride a skateboard Cat Dealer Can be used for pet industry, internet industry, toys. its a toy of cat, the thing on the cats back is a key and wheels on the legs Cat Folk Fun cat logo character Cat Peeps For the cat entrepenuer Cat Point catOrigins Great logo for pet industries with minimalism cat character. Clean, modern and subtle. BlackCat CatCooks Suitable for pet food company, a website for cat food recipes or for a normal cooking site Catcat Mark for catcat started as an illustration that consists of two letter C. Gradually ti became a curly cat. Suitable for pet business or in general for a firm that has cat in its name. CatFolio Perfect for printing or paper shop or anything you can think of. Hypnocat Logo for the cat’s site catfeeds This logo can be used as a social networking community of cat or pet lovers, this logo is more effective to names beginning with the letter “C” as well. Catline catline is a logo that could be used for all bout cat. Example it would be great for a business that sells cats. CatVolt Combination of the bulb and cat. Logo can use for more categories and type of business. mail cat Kitten envelope for the email providers. A kitten expresses nice, friendly, and fast email business curicat Cute, commercial and manga style. It can be used for children products, fashion etc. Name can be changed of course but inspiration for this one was famous “curiosity killed the cat”. Scarycat An illustrative logo that could be used for anything requiring a creative twist. Watercat The logo can be applied to youth brand. Shop, clothing, community, games. Any other original business cat cafe_curious cat Bad Cat Suitable for pubs and restaurants or pet shops. Favorite Delicacy maomao cha Gatastico Petshop Astrocat Cat Doctor super cats zombiecat fish cat Catcloud A design ideal for any business related to internet, hosting, web, cloud services, communications, technology or software, for example. I Love cats Logo of a friendly and nice looking cat in a shape of heart – i love cats. cats logos   Long life and prosper by *dracoimagem-com   dan ger ousby *dracoimagem-com         Blueby *dracoimagem-com   I Want To Go FASTby ~tokyo-go-go       FreshFabricby ~FreshFabric   Vikographyby ~SpritzTheVik         Gummy Splatty :Dby ~SpritzTheVik     Fu*k ~crymz       Grid My Designby ~brutartista     Not All Is So Greyby ~SpritzTheVik     Illegal Mind T-Shirtby ~SpritzTheVik           so amazing Typography           GrimDreamArt ART For the next seven days we'll be publishing what we find to be the best of 2011 from our inspiration galleries. There will be one post per day in a specific design category, and we start of with one of the more popular ones: Typography! Best of Typography Marcelo Schultz is a designer and Illustrator based in Curitiba, Brazil. His style is simply awesome! In this post we will take a close look from the sketches to the final results and enjoy the beauty of the type work he designs. For more from Marcelo Schultz visit I draw since childhood, always liked pencils and markers. Today any work is started through the drawing with pencil, be it an illustration or a corporate job as an ad or brochure. The tools/softwares I use are pencil, eraser, paper, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I am very inspired by the colors. Each work, I try to make as detailed as possible, and I try to make better than the last. Most of the typography work I do is for fun as a personal work but I'm also a Co-Founder of DDQ Design ( and working there as Art Director. Nike - Just do it Chaos Theory Let's Rock Around the World DDQ Design Born to Shine Nike - Just do it Love. Hate. Sex. Pain The Skull of Rock! About the author Typography Awesomeness by Marcelo Schultz tutorial Typography Artworks by by Marcelo Schultz X Free 2013 Printable CalendarX 2013 CalendarX 2013 Calendar brushes Download Download Download Download Download Download Free 2013 Calendar Brushes Photoshop  Instant Starry Sky This technique is very useful when you need to add fine details to complex illustrations. It doesn’t replace a real starry sky but, if used with attention, can produce convincing results. Step 1 Create a gradient for the sky. Step 2 Select the Brush Tool (B) then hit F5 to bring up the Brushes palette. Adjust Diameter and set a large Spacing. Use the preview at the bottom for reference. Now instead of painting solid strokes you will dot the sky with stars. Set Shape Dynamics. Increase Size Jitter to vary the diameter of the stars. For Control choose Off if you don’t have a tablet. Then start saving to buy one. Set Scattering. You want your stars to pop up at random spots so use the preview as guide. Set Opacity Jitter. This is crucial in making some stars appear closer and others appear farther. If you have a tablet you can control opacity and size by varying the pressure, thus having more control. If you don’t have a tablet it’s ok. Some stars are small and bright, others are big and close to us but duller. Randomness looks good here. Step 3 Now you can have fun painting the galaxy away! Instant Starry Sky tutorial Searching for new fonts, whether they be serif, sans-serif or script fonts can take a ridiculously long time – time that should probably be spent working. This round-up showcases a great selection of script fonts to use in your latest design projects. Most of the fonts are premium fonts from as low as 8.95 USD, although there are a few free fonts among the pack. We are proud to present to you fonts such as Memoriam (from 19.95 USD), Bello (from 60.00 USD) and ILS Script (free for personal and commercial use) as well as many, many others. Excellent Script Fonts Free Fonts Moody Boys (Free for Personal Use – Contact Author for Commercial Use) Honey Script (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Learning Curve Pro (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Quilline Script Thin (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) SedonaScript (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) The King and Queen Font (Free for Personal Use) Jane Austen (Free for Personal Use) Porcelain (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) ILS Script (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Quill (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) LDS Script (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Creampuff (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting (Free for Personal Use) Ballpark (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) CAC Champagne (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Saginaw (Free for Personal and Commercial Use) Commercial Fonts Liza Pro (From 60.00 USD) Memoriam (From 19.95 USD) PF Bodoni Script Pro (From 75.00 EUR) PF Champion Script Pro (From 125.00 USD) Whomp (From 99.00 USD) Buttermilk (From 49.00 USD) Aphrodite Pro (From 15.00 USD) Blanchard (From 19.95 USD) Saloonkeeper (From 20.00 USD) Alpine Script (From 37.80 USD) Bello (From 60.00 USD) Cocktail Shaker (From 39.00 USD) Candy Script (From 69.00 GBP) Kinescope (From 29.00 USD) Billabong (From 12.95 USD) Dolce (From 49.00 USD) PF DaVinci Script Pro (From 65.00 EUR) Natalya (From 21.99 USD) RadioTime (From 49.00 USD) Xesy (From 19.95 USD) Liebfraumilch (From 25.00 USD) La Carte (From 29.00 USD) La Macchina (From 20.00 USD) Buffet Script (From 99.00 USD) Cutiful (From 8.95 USD) Almond Script (From 79.00 USD) HT Maison (From 20.00 USD) Suave Script Pro (From 49.00 USD) Aquafina Script (From 59.00 USD) Enamel Brush (From 8.95 USD) Mousse Script (From 49.00 USD) Best Free and Commercial Script Fonts n this post we release Birdies: A Free Twitter Icon Set, a set of 12 beautiful and lovely Twitter icons. This set was designed by IconEdenand released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. All the icons included in the set have clean shapes and neutral colors that can be used for various contexts, from a “Tweet it” button for your blogs to desktop wallpapers. The set is available in both pixel and EPS vector format so the icons can be rescaled to any size while retaining their original details. As usual, the icons are free for both personal and commercial projects. Download the icon set for free! You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes. The set may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. preview download the set (.zip, 1.5 Mb) download the .eps-source (.zip, 6.6 Mb, .eps) Birdies: Cute Free Twitter Icons For Your Blog So i say these are ink, and they do look like ink but there actually food colouring / dye , they give the same effect pretty much , but i wanted to give them a watered down feel with strong pieces of colour in some places and lighter in others. Dont forget to keep checking Texture Lovers for free textures. These 20 textures are also at a high resolution to cover most working areas and are ideal to be edited, such as colour adjustmets and cropping, as you can see i have changed the colour in the preview above to green. See All The Textures On Flickr You can see all the textures in the Flickr set before you download any of the files below or simply use them directly from Flickr, the choice is yours. Rapidshare Download (1.36mb Zip File) Mediafire Download (1.36mb Zip File) Free Original Ink Stained Paper Textures